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Grand Chapter Forms & Downloads

You name it, we’ve got it (or soon will have!). If you can’t find something you’re looking for, please let our Grand High Priest or Grand Secretary know by emailing or calling them (see the sidebar to the left). Otherwise, Companions, have fun downloading!

Awards Programs

» Arch of Excellence Award

» High Priests Leadership Award

» Chapter of the Year Award

» Most Improved Chapter, Ritualistically

Program Flyers

Your Grand Chapter’s main programs can be promoted with these downloadable and printable documents.

» Leadership Conference & Town Hall Meeting Flyer

The Word, our monthly newsletter

There’s no better way to keep your members active and engaged than with The Word. Packed with ideas for meetings, programs, presentations, events, ritual, trivia, fundraising, and more, it’s our go-to communication!

» December 2016 (Volume 1, Issue 6)

» November 2016 (Volume 1, Issue 5)

» October 2016 (Volume 1, Issue 4)

» September 2016 (Volume 1, Issue 3)

» August 2016 (Volume 1, Issue 2)

» July 2016 (Volume 1, Issue 1)

Royal Arch Masons Promotional & Membership Materials

Use these downloads to help build your Chapter and get the word out to non-members about the Royal Arch.

» 2016-2017 RAM brochure & petition

» Invitation to Petition form

Communications and Helping Your Chapter

Chapter Membership Audit Guidelines

Every Chapter should audit their membership records once a year. This easy guide helps you to do that.

» Chapter Membership Audit Guidelines

Programs & Presentations

Order of the Overseers

A fun “side degree” that preps candidates, Companions, and even our Brothers can experience and learn some important “pre-lessons” to the Royal Arch’s Mark Master Degree. Download the simple, fun ritual below. You can even order the special “Good Work. True Work. Square Work.” lapel pins by contacting the Grand Secretary or Most Excellent Grand High Priest. Pins are $3 each and all donations go to the Royal Arch Masons Charitable Foundation.

» Order of the Overseers (with meal)

» Order of the Overseers (no meal)

Table Chapter Ritual

Whether your Chapter is holding a traditional Table Chapter meal with (tiled) or without (open) non-Companions, we’ve got the ritual to make your event the best it can be, enjoyed by all. Don’t forget that you can add a speaker (or, even, more than one!).

» Table Chapter Ritual

Chapter of Confusion

How well do your Companions know the Royal Arch? This “pre-meeting” event tests their knowledge of the Chapter room layout and the details of how we open our stated convocations. A great “bring ’em back” event.

» Chapter of Confusion guidelines

Completing the Craft

The Grand Chapter’s new Chapter-to-Lodge presentation, designed to entice non-York Rite member Master Masons and make them curious as to what the York Rite holds for them as they continue their Masonic Journey. Sorry, though, we can’t offer it as a download, but you can request a copy here.

Match the Mark

The first of our “in Chapter” activities, this one challenges every regularly-attending members to determine which mark is which Companions. 

» Match the Mark activity instructions

Capitular Tic-Tac-Toe

The second of our “in Chapter” activities, you’ll divide your Companions into two teams who will then compete using details and facts about our Royal Arch ritual as questions to earn and “X” or “O.”

» Capitular Tic-Tac-Toe activity instructions

Masonic Bingo

The third of our “in Chapter” activities, this one gets the Companions talking to each other and then uses the answers to questions about them to use as guides when playing a modified game of bingo.

» Masonic Bingo activity instructions

For Our Chapter’s Secretaries

Use these forms to help manage your Chapter’s membership and keep the Grand Chapter updated on any changes, updates, or other issues with your Chapter.

» Petition for Plural/Dual Membership

» Invitation to Petition form

» Petition for Affiliation and Request for Demit After Election to Membership

» Demit form

» Duplicate Demit form

» General Grand Chapter Perpetual Life Membership Application

» Notice of Election to Membership

» First Notice to Pay Dues

» Second or Final Notice to Pay Dues

» Certificate of Suspension for Non-Payment of Dues

» Petition for Reinstatement from Sentence of Suspension

» Notice of Restoration to Membership and Certificate of Reinstatement to Good Standing

» Exaltation Form

» Election-Installation Form

» Change of Status Form

» Bylaw Template

» Grand Session Proxy Form

» Chapter Dues Card Template (10-up, fillable fields)


For Our District Deputy Grand High Priests

Visiting Your Chapters

How should you plan your visits to your Chapters? What should you — and they — expect? What should you be on the look-out for? It’s all here, Companions.

» DDGHP Program Chapter visitation guidelines

Official Visitation (O.V.) Report

Here’s all you need to know when you’re visiting one of your Chapters. We know it’s a bit of a long report, but if you work with your Chapter’s High Priests and Secretaries, it actually is pretty easy to complete. Here’s a tip: Send it to your Chapter before you visit them to get their help filling it out.

» DDGHP OV Report


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