The 300. The Elite. The Future.


the-300-programThe Grand Chapter has set a goal of 300 new Companions this Capitular Year. That’s a pretty big number, but like the mythical Spartans who withstood the Persian Horde of over one million warriors, each of our 300 new Companions play a key role in our fraternity. They are the future of the Royal Arch Freemasons. Each one will make a difference to their Chapters and the fraternity as a whole. That’s why we’re treating them as something special this year.

300-lapel-pinEvery new Companion that get exalted during the 2016-2017 Capitular Year will become part of an elite group. They will be specially celebrated by the Grand Chapter with an exclusive and one-of-a-kind lapel pin, depicting our sacred triple tau on a reproduction of an ancient Greek bronze battle shield. Plus, each new member will receive a special identification card, Capitular Masonic diploma, an invitation to participate in online discussions, a 300-only Masonic conference, and special recognition at the July 2017 Grand Chapter Grand Convocation.

Think you have what it takes to become one of the elite, the 300? Know a brother who would make a good Companion and is seeking more light? Simply complete the form below and we’ll do all the rest!


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What is the Grand Chapter?

Much like our Grand Lodge is the overarching and governing body of our local Lodges in Illinois, the Grand Chapter is the central authority in the State of Illinois. It was instituted on April 10th, 1850 at a special communication of the Grand Lodge in Springfield.

grac-logo-horizontal-whiteToday, there are over sixty Chapters in Illinois, from as small as twelve members to as large as over 200. New Chapters are being formed almost every year, with specific missions such as Capitular education or fellowship or to charter where especially active Lodges are located and brethren seek additional Light in the Craft.

There is no “central” location for the Grand Chapter in Illinois, rather the main office tends to be where the Grand Secretary works out of. The state is divided into 18 distinct districts, each with two to five Chapters overseen by a District Deputy Grand High Priest, the direct and local representative of the Grand High Priest, who presides over the Grand Chapter.

The Grand Chapter meets annually at their Grand Convocation, commonly in mid-July. There, the business of the Grand Chapter is transacted, committees produce reports, the officers of the next Capitular Year are elected and installed, and the day is generally filled with events centering around fellowship, leadership, education, and other opportunities.

As of July 2016, there are nearly 4,700 Chapter members in Illinois. In the 2015-2016 Capitular Year, we added 142 new members around the state, continuing a recent upward trend of growing membership.

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