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Secrets of the Chair Program

There is no greater call to duty a brother can answer than accepting the mantle of governance of his lodge. Upon the good recommendations of his brethren and election to the office, the brother accepts his role and sits in the East, governing his lodge with fairness, decorum, and direction. For some brothers, it is their first opportunity to sit in the oriental chair, lead the craft, and be an inspiration for all. For others, the occasion may be a familiar role that they are once again called to perform, yet they do so with a cheerful manner and promise to renew their dedication.

The Secrets of the Chair presentation is designed to be given to a Royal Arch Companion who is recently installed or fairly new in the office of Worshipful Master of his lodge. It is intended to highlight and promote the indelible tie between Craft Masonry and the Royal Arch, serve as a reminder to all that our Companions are still devoted Brothers, and to thank the Worshipful Master for his ongoing service and leadership to his lodge.

Name of RecipientTheir LodgeTheir Chapter
WB Joseph MalatiaLombard Lodge No. 1098Keystone Chapter No. 281
WB Steve SchenkIllumination Lodge No. 5Keystone Chapter No. 281
WB Keith FoulkMorning Star Lodge No. 734Eureka Chapter No. 98
WB Ron SusiBlackberry Lodge No. 359Fox River Chapter No. 14
WB Robert KohnkeBensenville Lodge No. 1159Keystone Chapter No. 281
WB Scott FergusonOccidental Lodge No. 40Shabbona Chapter No. 37
WB James SicinskiMatteson Lodge No. 175Joliet Chapter No. 27
WB Ronald BraddockEquality Lodge No. 2Equality Chapter No. 6
WB Jody SwitzerBatavia Lodge No. 404Fox River Chapter No. 14
WB Robert E. Derby Jr. Landmark Lodge No. 422 Joliet Chapter No. 27
WB Todd CreasonHomer Lodge No. 199Admiration Chapter U.D.
WB Matt KapustianykDeKalb Lodge No. 144DeKalb Chapter No. 52
WB Noah PanlilioDeKalb Lodge No. 144DeKalb Chapter No. 52
WB Jamey FleckensteinFrank N. Nicol Lodge No. 1170Pekin Chapter No. 25

Recommend a Companion for this recognition
Any Companion who is currently a sitting Worshipful Master of their Lodge is eligible to receive the Secrets of the Chair certificate, a program given by a Grand Officer or District Deputy Grand High Priest. If you know of a Companion who should receive this, simply complete the form below and we’ll arrange to visit their lodge meeting and make the presentation. Thank you!



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