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Grand High Priest’s Message & Visitation Schedule


Welcome to a wonderful new Chapter in Royal Arch Freemasonry here in Illinois! For many years now, we have been Rebuilding, Renovating, and Restoring Capitular Freemasonry in our Chapters. Now, we are realizing the reward for our hard work. Royal Arch Freemasonry is enjoying a new renaissance, a renewed interest from our Brother Master Masons, and a sense of hope and optimism with our Companions.

I see it whenever I visit a Chapter’s stated convocation. I sense it at events like degree conferrals, fellowship gatherings, and events designed to increase membership and benefit our Companions. It’s evident when people are talking about Chapter and all it has to offer, them and new members. We are all moving in a common direction, helping each other along the way, as we explore and experience More Light in the Craft.

The theme for my year is “Setting the Craft to Work.” Why? Because as far as we have traveled in making Royal Arch Freemasonry better, there is still a long way to go. We will need the help of everyone to continue our great success. So I hope you don’t mind if, from time to time, I ask some small task of you. It’s not for me, but to help us all. If you love this Great Fraternity as much as I do, I know you will do your part. Many have shared great, new ideas. Countless have answered the call to help and lend assistance. Companions all over have volunteered to be leaders, mentors, spokesmen, and examples. We need everyone to step up right now. I know I can count on you.

Travel well, Companions.



James M. Tome
Most Excellent Grand High Priest

Grand High Priest’s Visitation Schedule
My goal is to visit EVERY Chapter in Illinois at least once this year. You will be seeing more and more visits by our Grand Officers, District Deputy Grand High Priests, committee members, and Past Grand High Priests. Please come out and enjoy the fellowship on those special occasions when your Chapter has a visitor.

DateVisit or EventLocation
June 19Albion ChapterAlbion
June 20Lusk ChapterRushville
June 23 & 24ICODBloomington
June 26Springfield ChapterSpringfield
June 28Andrew D Webb ChapterEffingham
July 12-16Grand SessionsNormal
July 15Vacation!Anywhere!!!


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