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What is the Grand Chapter?

Much like our Grand Lodge is the overarching and governing body of our local Lodges in Illinois, the Grand Chapter is the central authority in the State of Illinois. It was instituted on April 10th, 1850 at a special communication of the Grand Lodge in Springfield.

GRAC-first-step2Today, there are over sixty Chapters in Illinois, from as small as twelve members to as large as over 200. New Chapters are being formed almost every year, with specific missions such as Capitular education or fellowship or to charter where especially active Lodges are located and brethren seek additional Light in the Craft.

Who We Are & Our Mission
Learn the philosophy and driving beliefs of what Royal Arch Masonry is and what principles are giving the Grand Chapter direction this Capitular Year.
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Grand High Priest’s Programs
See how your Chapter can benefit from the many opportunities and services the Grand Chapter provides.
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Grand Officers
Check out who the elected and appointed Grand Chapter officers are and get in touch with them, if need be.
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Your Grand Chapter is busy this year with many committees devoted to improving and promoting various aspects of the Craft. See which ones you might get involved with — or need the services of.

Charities, Causes & Needs
An important aspect of Freemasonry is our devotion to relief and charity. Learn where you can help be a part of a greater effort.

Awards & Programs
Everyone wants to be recognized, even if it’s not something we pursue. Whether it’s awards programs for our Chapters or the recognitions earned and awarded to individual Companions, your Grand Chapter is seeking out opportunities to say “well done.”

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