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Grand Chapter Program Outlines

Your Grand Chapter has created a number of programs and services designed to help build membership, create opportunities for participation by members, recognize and celebrate ritual perfection, leadership skill building, and recognition at a personal and Chapter level. Take a look at the major programs below and click here to download any forms, flyers, or other instructions you may need.

Membership Building

The 300 Program: Our goal is 300 new Companions to be exalted during the year. Each new Companion will receive a special lapel pin, a decorative  and unique Masonic certificate, and invitations to participate in “300-only” conferences, conversations, and events. Know someone who would be a good Companion or want more information on this program? Click here.
» Click here to download The 300 Program Flyer

Zerubbabel Membership Champion: The Companion who top-line signs the most Companions exalted in the 2016-2017 Capitular Year will receive a specially-designed and one-of-a-kind apron, unique to all of Illinois Capitular Freemasonry. Chapter Secretaries: Make sure you keep track of all of your Chapter’s top-line signers. Click here for a form to help you keep the records straight and learn more about this program.
» Click here to download the form to report possible winner

Grand Lodge-Grand Chapter Cooperation: The Most Worshipful Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Illinois has agreed to provide the Grand Chapter with a quarterly list of newly raised Master Masons. A special letter will be sent to these Masons from the Grand High Priest, pointing them to a special section of where the Brother can learn more about Capitular Freemasonry and make contact to take the next step to becoming a Companion.

“Completing the Craft,” a Chapter-to-Lodge Presentation: This presentation uses aspects of Blue Lodge ritual as well as lecture and degree references to build the realization that the Master Mason’s Masonic journey has only just begun – and that the Royal Arch truly holds the answer to many of the questions they may not even realize they have. Want more information on this? Email our MEGHP at or check with your Chapter’s DDGHP.
» Click here to request this presentation

Participation Building

3-by-3-by-3 Program: Chapters will track attendance of Companions at their stated convocations. The goal is for three newly-exalted members and three current, but non-active members to each attend three stated convocations during the year. All Chapters meeting this goal will be recognized at the 2017 Grand Sessions.Chapter Secretaries: Click here for a form to help you keep the records straight and learn more about this program.
» Click here to download the info sheet and award application

Ritual Perfection & Explanation

Certification Program: Grand Officers, District Deputy Grand High Priests and currently certified Companions will work to encourage increases in certification, whether initial First Level, or advancement to another level. All Companions meeting this goal will be recognized at the 2017 Grand Sessions.
» Click here to request an instructional session or more info

Schools of Instruction: These will be coordinated with regional Chapter Days, and alternatively concentrated near Chapters that seem to be improving recently and could benefit from advanced ritual instruction. These will instruct the Mark Master and (Virtual) Past Master Degrees, taught by a member of the Board of Grand Examiners.

Grand Chapter Orator Program: Under development by the new Grand Orator and a committee designed to plan and facilitate this program, the hope is to develop “certified” experts who can provide explanations, programs, resources and educational material for the greater good of the Chapters.

Chapter Reach-Out

Leadership Conferences & Town Halls: Four regional leadership conferences are planned for the fall of 2016. Chapters – and their supporting Lodges – will be invited to the conferences. Aspects of planning, officer development, mentoring and other business functions will be presented. The town hall meeting will present the year’s Grand Chapter programs and provide a forum for questions and answers with Grand Officers. Click here to sign-up online!


As in previous years, the Grand Chapter features a number of recognition programs for the Chapter, High Priests, and Secretaries. There is even a new recognition program, The Grand High Priest’s Circle of Excellence Award. Get more info below and links to forms to download the applications.

Circle of Excellence Program: Too many times, we aren’t recognizing, acknowledging, and thanking the countless Companions who are helping to move our Chapters forward. Sometimes these guys work behind the scenes, other times they are out front leading the way. Take a look at those Companions honored this year.

Secrets of the Chair Program: Many times, our Companions are called to lead their lodge as Worshipful Master. We like to recognize these Companions with a special certificate and ceremony. See who’s received the award and recommend a recipient with our online recommendation form.

Chapter of the Year: Awarded by the Deputy Grand High Priest to a chapter that goes above and beyond on every aspect of Capitular Freemasonry: Membership, attendance and participation, communication, ritual, philanthropy, and more.
» Download the application form here

High Priest Leadership Award: The Chapter High Priest who does the most outstanding job in all of our state’s Chapters is honored with this special award.
» Download the application form here

Arch of Excellence: Patterned after the Grand Lodge’s Award of Excellence, this award recognizes Chapters that compete on 20 different categories of excellence.
» Download the application form here

Most Improved Ritualistically: Those Chapters that excel at ritual conferral and expertise have a chance to be named the best of the best each year.
» Download the application form here

Keystone Quest: Our three-part take on the Grand Lodge’s Eureka Challenge, your Chapter will test its knowledge of Capitular Freemasonry and even have a chance to compete one-on-one with other Chapters at the annual Grand Convocation.
» Get more information here

Secretary of the Year: Our Grand Secretary picks the best Chapter Secretary he’s worked with every year. That Companion is honored at our Grand Convocation.

2017 Grand Session

The York Rite Grand Sessions will occur on July 13th, 14th and 15th at the Bloomington-Normal Marriot, the same hotel we have been at for the last four years. For more information, click here (information being updated and added often, so be sure to check back).


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