We’re getting to the end of our MEGHP’s 10-part essay on the future of Capitular Freemasonry. Here’s  part eight of our commentary, based on Texan Brother Lance Kennedy’s, “10 Propositions for Texan Freemasonry.” You can read his whole article here.

This essay deals with Masonic Education, something too many of our Chapters don’t even dip a toe into and even less even bring up as a possibility, while Capitular Freemasonry offers, ironically, one of the richest tableaus to draw from.

Imagine if every meeting you attended was dominated by a great education presentation? If you were personally encouraged to make an indepth study of the Craft on your own? If there were courses, classes, symposiums, and sessions dedicated — year round — to your better interpretation of our mysteries and traditions?

If, in addition to learning the words and being taught the ties and floorwork, you received instruction on historical context? If the moral lessons were discussed and explored? If experiences in today’s world could be viewed through our degrees’ experiences?

Masonic education is more than just a presentation on which of our Presidents were Masons. It’s the mysteries and mysticism, traditions and trials, interpretations and interests of what we do in our degrees and the background and traditions of the Craft.