Today brings part seven of our MEGHP’s 10-part commentary on ideas to rejuvenate, restore and update Illinois Capitular Freemasonry. These essays are based on Texan Brother Lance Kennedy’s, “10 Propositions for Texan Freemasonry.” You can read his whole article here.

Brother Kennedy’s seventh topic in his essay is entitled, “Tacere,” and discusses the issue of secrecy in Freemasonry. His argument — a valid one — is that the world of Millennials is one where everything is out in the open. Every behavior. Every habit. Every action. Every thought. Every opinion. Faced with a world where there is no privacy, Freemasonry’s mysteries are in danger of being uncovered forever.

I would have to agree. Our greatest treasures are our mysteries and traditions. Our ritual and degrees. Doubtless these are already available on the Great Internet for everyone to see. But what remains hidden — perhaps — is everyone’s interpretations with the experience of their travel through the Craft.

Imagine a meeting where every Companion present talks about his experience through a degree. What he was first thinking about upon entering a room. His first encounter with an Overseer. His thoughts as he took a new. He may have different thoughts now, some he would like to discuss with other Companions. Did they feel the same way?some Did they interpret something in a similar way? Has it affected their life like it has his?

Our degree’s instructions and outlines may be out in the public, but it is our personal interpretation that we can still decide to keep unrevealed to the world. Oddly, it is exactly that same personal experience that will serve as the same treasure every man seeks.