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James Tome, MEGHP
P.O. Box 264
Sycamore, IL  60178-0264
(815) 508-3878

Barry Weer, Grand Secretary
c/o: Bloomington Consistory AASR
P.O. Box 3695
Bloomington, IL  61702-3695
(309) 838-0230

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Elected & Appointed Grand Officers

We’ve got a great corp of elected and appointed officers this year. All are available to help in any capacity your Chapter may need (degree assistance, ritual instruction, convocation visits, help with events, Capitular education, help with programs, etc.).

Elected Grand Officers

Jerald (Jerry) H. Starks, Right Excellent Deputy Grand High Priest
(309) 268-9736 •

Byford (Bo) O. Cook, Right Excellent Grand King
(618) 262-3313 •

Randy L. Vawter, Right Excellent Grand Scribe
(309) 357-2932 •

Richard (Dick) E. Yena, MEPGHP, Right Excellent Grand Treasurer
(708) 308-5651 •

Barry D. Weer, Right Excellent Grand Secretary
(309) 838-0230 •

Timothy (Tim) J. Vice, Excellent Grand Captain of the Host
(309) 207-0965 •

Patrick Robin, Excellent Grand Principal Sojouner
(630) 742-7495 •

Charles Robertson, Excellent Grand Royal Arch Captain
(309) 648-7495 •

Appointed Grand Officers

Dean Clark Sr., Excellent Grand Chaplain
(815) 758-7474 •

D. Scott Dayton, Excellent Grand Master of the Third Veil
(312) 451-6042 •

Ryan W. Irby, Excellent Grand Master of the Second Veil
(217) 918-0247 •

Michael J. Dooley, Excellent Grand Master of the First Veil
(217) 722-8290 •

Edward (Ed) C. Steffy, Excellent Grand Steward
(630) 761-0865 •

Brian Pettice, Excellent Grand Steward
(217) 304-2441 •

Charles (Charlie) Bremner, Excellent Grand Sentinel
(224) 578-9036 •

John (Jack) B. Hall, MEPGHP, Excellent Grand Organist
(309) 346-5066 •

Timothy (Tim) Ward, Excellent Grand Webmaster
(630) 414-5012 •

» Click here to learn about our District Deputy Grand High Priests


2017 Grand Session

The York Rite Grand Sessions will occur on July 13th, 14th and 15th at the Bloomington-Normal Marriot, the same hotel we have been at for the last four years. For more information, click here (information being updated and added often, so be sure to check back).


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