A “New Chapter”

Grand Royal Arch Masonry of Illinois

Operational Objectives and Responsibilities

Pillar #1 – Continuity in Masonry

Owners: Bill Hussey, Stuart Eberle, Patrick Robin, Tim Vice.
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1. To create, develop and implement programs and initiatives to develop a closer bond between blue lodges and royal arch chapters.
2. Implement Past Masters Degree once completed and approved by Grand Lodge.

Implementation: Implement through DDGHP and as necessary with Chapters directly. Work with lodges, use webpage or whatever is needed to implement the programs and initiatives.

Pillar #2 – Making Degrees Come Alive

Owners: Patrick Jones, Jerry Starks, Dale Corrice.
Support: Board of Grand Examiners & DDGHP
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1. Facilitate gaining members for Chapters where Chapters do not have adequate members who can do the degree work.
2. Develop regional degree teams or traveling degree teams, using as many regional members as possible, and potentially importing required slate positions.
3. Establish Regional Chapter Days incorporating these Degree Teams (regional or traveling) as needed for accommodate candidates from those regions.
4. Develop “sizzle” elements in the degrees to make them more interesting and entertaining for the candidates. Add lighting, music, sounds, video, candles, and special effects as appropriate.
5. Develop pre-degree and post-degree instruction to be given to candidates to make the illusions of the degrees more relevant to the candidate and how they can improve his life.
6. Potentially look into developing plans for low cost, modular veils for chapters that don’t have veils.
7. Provide Joint Chapter Day and special degree event support as requested including special affects that can be incorporated for outdoor degrees.

Implementation: Implement through DDGHP and as necessary with Chapters directly. Network with Board of Grand Examiners for competent ritualists available in areas required of that talent.

Pillar #3 – Building Value in Chapter Membership and Active Participation in meetings and Chapter activities
Owners: Sean McBride, Jim Tome, Bo Cook, Neville Diamond.
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1. Develop ideas and templates for making Chapter meetings more interesting.
2. Develop ideas for community and social service projects to interact with the community.
3. Develop ideas for social activities within the Chapter, Regionally and State-wide to create a support network across Chapters.
4. Develop materials and programs for highlighting the value of membership in Royal Arch Masonry for use not only as a recruiting tool but to bolster enthusiasm of current members who are inactive.
5. Provide any support required or requested by Chapters. Monitor Grand Chapter Facebook page for questions and requests for advice.

Implementation: Develop programs for distribution thru DDGHP and Chapters directly, but work directly with Chapters who may require modification or creative solutions as identified by DDGHP’s as in need of such direct advice.

Pillar #4 – Create a responsive presence, get people talking about Royal Arch Masonry
Owners: Alan Hubble, Tim Ward
Support: All Grand Chapter officers and DDGHP
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1. Monitor Grand Chapter Facebook page and respond to questions and requests.
2. Monitor other Masonic pages and find opportunities to advertise the Chapter
3. Conduct monthly Grand Chapter officers conference calls last Saturday of each month at 8 a.m. to report on progress, obstacles, problems, needs for reallocation of Grand Chapter assets or members.
4. Conduct quarterly calls with DDGHP to learn of problems, positive developments, needs, obstacles, and Chapter health.
5. Keep website content fresh and changing.
6. Hiram’s Words

Implementation: monitor and utilize social media, keep content fresh, be promptly responsive to requests.

Pillar #5 – Continuity in Masonry
Owners: Richard Yena, David Simon-Toledo, Matt Stoltz, Charles Harper Sr.
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1. Research original organizational intent and original meeting activities for the invitational Masonic bodies where Royal Arch Chapter is a prerequisite (i.e. Allied Masonic Degrees, Knight Masons, York Rite College, Knights of York)
2. Develop a type of “revitalization” plan.
3. Bring visibility and foundation of value to these groups by way of Facebook, Grand Chapter website and other social media.

Implementation: Roll out by contacting each active invitational body in Illinois with assistance from DDGHP and Grand Chapter officers. Get help and advice from national bodies as required.

Chapter Store
Owner : Royal Arch Captain
Support: Grand Treasurer and Asst. Grand Secretary


1. Develop marketing and distribution plan to include items to be sold.
2. Implement and tack ownership of that plan.
3. Work in concert with Grand Treasurer and Asst. Grand Secretary to develop, source, price, inventory, market and distribute fund raising items.
4. In concert with Grand Treasurer and Asst. Grand Secretary, determine best method of billing and collecting funds.

Implementation: Keep track of inventory and distribute through DDGHP, individuals and Grand Chapter officers as required. Cash Flow to be done in collaboration with Grand Treasurer and Asst. Grand Secretary.

Fund Raising
Owners: Grand Treasurer and Asst. Grand Secretary
Support: All Grand Chapter officers and DDGHP


1. Develop fund raising ideas and programs throughout the year to benefit the RAM Charitable Foundation.
2. Work in concert with Veil Fund Committee to develop fund raising ideas

Implementation: The Grand Treasurer and Asst. Grand Secretary will develop the ideas, taking advice and ideas from across the state, work with the RAC to secure the items and market them through the DDGHP and Grand Chapter officers. Keep track of items, A/P and collect monies and forward to Grand Treasurer and Asst. Grand Secretary as agreed upon by them.

Board of Grand Examiners/Capitular Standard Clubs
Owners: Bob Wright and Perry Foltz


1. Create, promote and support Capitular Standard Clubs throughout the state as need is identified by DDGHP.
2. Keep track of certified members or members competent in various key slate positions. Provide degree cast support to Pillar #2 initiatives.
3. Setup testing opportunities throughout the year that could accommodate all areas of the state to give attendees of Capitular Standard Clubs something to work for.
4. Expand the scope of the CSC to include way to add “sizzle” and special lighting, sound and other affects to the degrees.

Implementation: Maintain contact with DDGHP and Pillar #2 to find opportunities to create CSC and to coordinate talent for degree slates as needs are identified by Pillar #2. Make sure proficiency testing is announced in advance of the year and facilities secured thru DDGHP.

Grand Veil Fund
Owners: Veil Fund committee
Support: All Grand Chapter officers especially Grand Treasurer, Asst. Grand Secretary and RAC.


1. To raise funds for the Grand Chapter operating expenses without increasing per capita dues

Implementation: To work in concert with the Grand Treasurer, Grand Secretary, Asst. Grand Secretary and RAC to create and implement fund raising ideas across the state.